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1COPYRIGHT       copyright notice
2MANIFESTO       this file
3README          general instruction on micro-C
4alloc.txt       malloc library for FLEX
5c.txt           runtime library for FLEX
6diff_to_mc2     diff from mc.c to mc2.c (micro-c for flex)
7fileio.txt      basic io library for FLEX
8fileio2.txt     basic io library 2 for FLEX (I've forgotten the difference)
9makefile        makefile
10mc.c            micro-c for UNIX
11mclib.c         simplified library for mc2.c on FLEX
12scanf.txt       scanf library for FLEX
13stdio.txt       standard io library for FLEX
14stdio2.txt      standard io library 2 for FLEX (I've forgotten the difference)
15string.txt      string library for FLEX
16uf.c            terminal emulator/file transfer for FLEX (hardware sensitive)
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